Election results for Westwood

Local - City Council Elections & Willenhall Neighbourhood Planning Referendum - Thursday, 3rd May, 2018

Westwood - results
Election Candidate Party Votes % Outcome
David John Skinner Conservative 1729 50% Elected
Dave Toulson Labour 1429 42% Not elected
Jess Marshall Green Party 169 5% Not elected
Greg Paul Judge Liberal Democrat 103 3% Not elected
Voting Summary
Details Number
Seats 1
Total votes 3430
Number of ballot papers issued 3443
Number of ballot papers rejected 12
Share of the votes (%)
David John Skinner 50% Elected
Dave Toulson 42% Not elected
Jess Marshall 5% Not elected
Greg Paul Judge 3% Not elected
Rejected ballot papers
voting for more candidates than voter was entitled to1
being unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty11
Total rejected12