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Further improve road safety on Allesley Old Rd and roads nearby, and oppose Government Plans for a Charging Zone in Coventry.

We the undersigned petition the Council to to look positively at road safety and traffic calming measures on Allesley Old Rd and roads nearby such as Prince of Wales Rd, Billing Rd, and Oldfield Rd as part of the Spon End junction improvement works. Lower average speeds and improved traffic flow help maintain cleaner air, and make our roads safer. We also recognise that the Council's clean air proposals to improve the Spon End junction are more preferable than having a Charging Zone in the city, which would directly impact an estimated 80,000 Coventry households as well as thousands more jobs and the local economy.

We call on the Council to secure the following specific measures for residents;

- Lower Average Speeds on Allesley Old rd in keeping with a 30mph speed limit

- Improve traffic flow with upgraded traffic light signalling along Allesley Old Rd, Hearsall Lane and Spon End

- Introduce light controlled pedestrian crossings on the busy Allesley Old Rd junction with Four Pounds Ave and Queensland Ave, as well as the Arches junction at Spon End

- Maintain current on street parking provision on Allesley Old Rd, effectively keeping the street a single carriage way

- Investigate removing the hedge obstruction on Allesley Old Rd near the junction of Winsford Ave

- Fully review traffic calming measures on roads nearby such as Prince of Wales Rd, Billing Rd, Oldfield Rd, Craven St, Hearsall Lane, Broomfield Rd, Melbourne Rd and Abercorn Rd in order to reduce 'rat running' and to lower average speeds

- Work with Transport for West Midlands and Private Bus operators such as NX to use a fleet of fully electric buses on Allesley Old Rd and Spon End 

- Improve the current bottleneck on Holyhead Rd by Barras Lane so that less traffic will be diverted on Allesley Old Rd at peak times, limiting any traffic increases to below 6%

- Guarantee that pollution will not be displaced from Holyhead Rd to Spon End

- Promote more pedestrian and cycling use by improving safe pedestrian and cycling access to the City Centre from Spon End

- Reject Government proposals for a Charging Zone in Coventry

This ePetition ran from 07/12/2021 to 08/02/2022 and has now finished.

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