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Coventry City Council should consider becoming an Accredited Living Wage Employer

We the undersigned petition the Council to work towards becoming certified by the Living Wage Foundation as an Accredited Living Wage Employer.

This would see Coventry City Council pay all of its directly-employed staff at least the Real Living Wage, a pay rate set independently of Government. Additionally, it would see Coventry City Council only work with third party contractors who pay their staff at least the Real Living Wage. If this is not possible immediately, Coventry City Council should work with the Living Wage Foundation to put in place a pathway to achieve this.

These Living Wage Foundation proposals are back by the Trades Union Congress.

While the legal minimum wage is rising to £9.50 in the next fiscal year, the Real Living Wage has been set at £9.90 (outside of London).

This ePetition runs from 23/11/2021 to 30/01/2022.

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