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Build a safe cycleway for Earlsdon

We the undersigned petition the Council to build a safe segregated cycleway ring from Hearsall Common to Earlsdon and Coventry Railway Station.

This cycleway would be Dutch in style, segregated off of the road with closed off side roads, completely segregating people cycling from road traffic. It would also feature priority junctions at locations where the cycleway would cross roads.

The idea for the route is from Hearsall Lane, where it would meet with the Warwick University Cycleway, along Earlsdon Avenue North and Earlsdon Avenue South passing central Earlsdon. It would then travel along Kenilworth Road up to Coventry Railway Station passing the War Memorial Park and King Henry VIII School creating a loop. At Coventry Railway Station it would connect to the other 4 Cycleways in Coventry.

Cycling in Earlsdon and the surrounding area is dangerous, with people on bikes having to share the road with cars who are often impatient. The route would pass many residential areas, as well as schools, shops, recreational areas, and a library, improving peoples health and the air quality in the area.

Lets build the Earlsdon Cycleway!

This ePetition runs from 20/11/2021 to 22/01/2022.

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