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Request for road safety improvements for Woodshires Green, Longford, Coventry

We the undersigned petition the Council to prohibit goods vehicles over 7.5 tonnes from entering Wilson’s Lane, introduce a 20 mph zone and improve the road signage in Woodshires Green.

Currently, the 7.5T restriction only covers Woodshires Road itself. Once HGVs get to this point, they have to turn around and in the process often block traffic, mount the pavement, damage parked cars and knock over bins. Furthermore, we are concerned that the lack of advance warning signs for the low railway bridge on Woodshires Road increases the likelihood of bridge strikes.

In addition, cars often speed as they come off the roundabout not realising they are entering a built-up residential area. This is of particular concern as roads in Woodshires Green are on official walk, cycle and bus routes to the Ricoh Arena. Therefore, we request that Woodshires Green becomes a 20mph zone. We also ask that our local highways authority works with Warwickshire County Council to improve our local signage and road safety by:

- installing advance warning signs for low bridge ahead indicating current height restrictions (3.8m or 12’9’’) at the B4113 Roundabout/Wilson Lane junction
- replacing the current advance warning signs for weight restrictions to prohibitive no goods vehicles over 7.5T signs (except for loading and unloading) at the B4113 Roundabout/Wilson Lane junction
- installing 20 mph zone entry signs at the B4113 Roundabout/Wilson Lane junction, Bedworth Road (B4113)/Oban Road junction and Bedworth Road (B4113)/Sydnall Road junction
- replacing signs which are in poor condition/faded, e.g. signs indicating that Rowley’s Green Lane is closed to through traffic (no access to Ricoh Arena, Rowley’s Green/Hales Industrial Estate, Judd’s Lane or A444)

This ePetition runs from 09/01/2021 to 13/03/2021.

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