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IKEA Proposal Plan

We the undersigned petition the Council to allocate a floor within the former IKEA building for the establishment of visually appealing spaces catering to the needs of the city's predominantly youthful content creators.

The former IKEA building held a special significance for many young people, serving as a haven of visually appealing spaces where they could capture stunning pictures and videos.

A significant portion of individuals aged 16 to 30 in our generation are actively involved in content creation on various social media platforms. Content creation provides young people with the means to express their creativity, acquire valuable skills, embark on entrepreneurial ventures, forge meaningful connections, and contribute positively to society. It presents abundant opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Recognising the potential of social media to sometimes exacerbate feelings of exclusion among young people, this initiative aims to provide the youth of Coventry with the resources and space necessary for content creation. The goal is to establish a creative hub for content creators within the city—a place that is both affordable and easily accessible, equipped with top-tier amenities to facilitate the production of high-quality content.

This ePetition ran from 05/03/2024 to 01/05/2024 and has now finished.

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