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Designate Land at Baginton Fields as Local Green Space

We the undersigned petition the Council to designate Land at Baginton Fields* as Local Green Space as part of the current review of Coventry’s Local Plan.

* Land at Baginton Fields, as allocated in Policy JE2:4 of the Local Plan, includes:
• Baginton Playing Fields
• Baginton Fields Nature Reserve
• Sowe Valley river corridor and wetland
• King Henry VIII Sports Fields
• Baginton Fields School

Local residents are very concerned that Land at Baginton Fields has been allocated as land for commercial development in the Coventry Local Plan. This opens the way to the land being used for yet more commercial/industrial development in the area.

Our community has already lost a large amount of green space to commercial development and housing in the Whitley and Willenhall area. We want to protect and enhance this important recreational space for the health and well-being of Coventry residents going forward.

Much has changed in the last 6 years since the 2017 Local Plan was approved. The Covid lockdowns have been a salient reminder that local residents need access to green spaces within walking distance of their homes. Along with Whitley Grove Woods, Baginton Fields provides just that.

This land includes a nature reserve, natural scrubland/wetland, wooded areas, hedgerows and a river corridor, and provides much needed support for biodiversity in the area as well as a natural flood defence. With 3 rivers in the immediate locality and the prospect of increased rainfall going forward, flood alleviation to protect the surrounding built environment will be vitally important. If designated as Local Green Space, it would create important economic, social and environmental value in the area.

The importance of Baginton Fields to the health and well-being of the local community and the wider city cannot be overstated. Residents do not want to lose it.

This ePetition ran from 28/02/2024 to 01/05/2024 and has now finished.

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