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Objection to proposed development on Foresters Road

We the undersigned petition the Council to reject plans and support the residents of Foresters Road who are against the proposed development of two three bedroomed houses on Citizen land.

This development will encroach on the lives of residents. It is a cul de sac with only one entry & exit. Traffic will increase in an already congested road. Most existing houses have two cars and parking can be difficult at the best of times. New homes will greatly increase this issue. That means the safety of children playing in the street will also be compromised. Services for those houses will increase traffic, deliveries, bins will be dumped along the path way as suggested in your report, and no doubt left there all day if occupants work. The houses will be one metre away from and existing home creating an 'entry' which no doubt will lead to anti social behaviour or gatherings and more litter. The existing entry, behind the proposed houses is always full of litter and youths loitering at night.
There is concern for the privacy of several of the houses being overlooked and the obstruction of light. Aesthetically the houses are unattractive and will have a looming presence as an unwanted add onto an existing established road.
There are two very mature trees in neighbouring gardens and the construction work may well cause damage to them. Concerns re the sewage work have been raised also.
Construction will have a negative effect on the lives of residents and some query risks of subsidence and loss of value to their properties.
Overlooking three or more nearby gardens will impact on privacy. Individual residents will also be submitting their own objections.

This ePetition runs from 22/02/2023 to 26/04/2023.

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