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Save LTB

We the undersigned petition the Council to recognise the need for (and value of), having the Litten Tree Building (LTB) community culture space in the City Centre.

The Litten Tree Building Showrooms (‘LTB’) opened in August 2021 in previously disused floors above the Litten Tree pub as a showcase for local grassroots creativity and culture. With over 12,000 visits from the public and more than 600 local people gifted free display space / use, the facility has been a huge success for the city, and, although unfunded, represents a major legacy from Coventry City of Culture 2021.

We view LTB as the ‘missing link’ - a different way of making culture appeal beyond traditional audiences. It's a catalyst for making things happen with limited resources (we’re all volunteers gifting our time, encouraging others to do the same). A community of shared interests, shared experiences - inspiring creative people to try out new ideas, be more visible, do more in the city. Our very unique approach; blending in art, heritage, music and making a positive of the run-down look of everything, has encouraged new visitors (many of whom aren’t traditional arts or heritage audiences). They love that the building feels so animated, and that there’s always something new to see.

LTB is however, now facing closure, as the pub (leaseholders) have given notice to the council (freeholder) that due to adverse trading conditions they will be handing the keys back on 19/2/23.

The volunteer group that run LTB have requested the council consider allowing free use of the building after the pub exit - until such point as City Centre South (CCS) redevelopment scheme requires vacant possession (likely, end May ‘23, unless delayed phasing is a possibility). The ‘offer’ from LTB to the council also includes makeover of the downstairs pub area to create more exhibition space - including a ‘show and tell’ explaining the CCS project to visitors.

However, even if a short term tenure extension is possible (and no response from the council has been received so far) we need the council to publicly support us - and actively partner - to secure an appropriate, long-term home.

These conversations have begun, but demonstrable public support for what we’re trying to achieve is really important, so that’s why we’re asking you to sign this petition; recognising the need for (and value of) LTB.

This ePetition runs from 10/01/2023 to 07/03/2023.

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