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Mile Lane Speed Reduction

We the undersigned petition the Council to investigate which measures can be implemented to reduce the amount of dangerous drivers in the Cheylesmore area. More specifically, with regards to the highly dangerous speeds that many drivers find it acceptable to cross the single width bridge on Mile Lane.

We would like the council to investigate the possibility of changing the light sequence for the bridge traffic lights so that the lights are red in both directions until such time as a vehicle is stopped at the stop lines. Currently, the lights stay on red as you approach the bridge heading into the city which slows traffic leaving Cheylesmore. However, the sequence of lights for those heading from the city centre towards Cheylesmore currently cycles through red to green constantly until such a time as either a vehicle approaches (and it stays green) or a vehicle stops on the city bound side, at which point it turns red. This leads to many drivers entering Cheylesmore at speeds in excess of the speed limit as they haven't had to slow down for the bridge.

Forcing drivers to stop for a red light at the bridge, with the added option of a red light camera, may go some way to reducing the speed at which drivers enter Cheylesmore from the city centre along Mile Lane.
This would be preferable to other speed calming measures which would undoubtedly not be supported by the bus companies or by the wider traffic population.

This ePetition runs from 08/01/2023 to 12/03/2023.

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