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Mercia House Parking Permit City Centre

We the undersigned petition the Council to allow residents who live in Mercia House CV1 1NQ, to have parking discount in any local car parks in City Centre near to Mercia House; or a Parking permit to be able to park in surrounding areas of Mercia House, for example back of the Coventry City Centre Theatre or disused Ikea car park. This will enable residents from Mercia House a permit to park their cars as they live in the city centre as there are insufficient parking spaces for the permanent residents. Cost of parking in city centre 24/7hrs is way too much for normal working class people. There should be some solution for residents who pay their Council Tax and live in the City centre.

Mercia House has around 96 flats and there is no option to having car parking, parking is a huge problem. There are many unused places around Mercia House where residents should be able to park their car. Or have some discount in local car parks like NCP as current prices are way too expensive for people who live 24/7 in city centre and are just normal working class people.

This ePetition runs from 23/10/2022 to 25/12/2022.

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