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Create a litter reduction strategy

We the undersigned petition the Council to create a litter strategy to reduce the amount of litter and flytipping across Coventry. This should be developed in full consultation with litter-picking groups from across the city. It should consider the following: * Making it easier for households - especially those without a car - to dispose of bulky items. * Running a public awareness campaign to reduce the amount of litter being dropped * Encouraging Coventry businesses to reduce single-use plastic and other unnecessary packaging * Making it easier to remove flytipping from land that is technically private property, but is de facto public land, such as entries * Ensuring that provision of public litter bins is adequate for the need and that public bins are emptied in a timely manner

Litter and flytipping are major problems across the city. They make parts of Coventry feel unpleasant to live and harm valuable wildlife. Current council policy on litter and flytipping is obviously not working.

By drawing up a litter reduction strategy the council can help reduce the amount of litter that is being dropped and flytipping that is being dumped and can make it easier to get clean up litter and flytipping when they do occur.

This ePetition runs from 22/10/2022 to 01/01/2023.

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