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Speeding on Hen Lane and Roland Avenue

We the undersigned petition the Council to undertake to survey the volume and speeds of traffic in a minimum of two locations on these roads, and report back to residents with options for the introduction of a signalled pedestrian crossing, red light camera and traffic calming measures.

We the undersigned residents of Hen Lane, Roland Avenue and surrounding area have grave concerns regarding the High speed of vehicles travelling on above roads and the safety of pedestrians crossing the roads as cars also regularly jump the lights at the this junction. Hen Lane Zebra crossing is used by children and families as a route to school, to access to the local community centre and Georgie Porgies and Flutterbies nursery. Roland Avenue doesn't have the luxury of a Zebra crossing and yet it is a direct route to both Parkgate Primary and President Kennedy schools.

This ePetition runs from 29/06/2022 to 31/08/2022.

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