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Objection to development of ‘Land at Anderton Road’ (OUT/2021/3538)

We the undersigned petition the Council to reject the application ‘Land at Anderton Road’ (OUT/2021/3538) which includes the erection of 34 dwellings. We believe that it is over-development which will introduce traffic and public health issues into areas which are already suffering from cumulative impact. The mix of housing does not serve the needs of our City. People need affordable 3-4 bedroomed family homes and sheltered/assisted living accommodation for the future. Furthermore, we are of the opinion that this proposal undermines Coventry City Council’s policies regarding green infrastructure.

We ask for Coventry City Council to request that the applicant submits the following:
- a transport statement and air quality assessment that refers to recently committed development in Exhall and Poplar wards.
- Phase 3 geo-environmental report which includes an engineering geophysics survey, a land contamination remediation strategy and Tier 3 Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessment (DQRA). This is essential due to the history of mining and contaminated waste tipping known to have occurred in the wider area.
- an Ecological Impact Assessment with surveys for birds, bats, hedgehogs, herpetofauna and badgers, an Arboricultural Impact Assessment and a Biodiversity Impact Assessment
- a plan which resurrects the ponds which have been filled in
- a flood risk assessment which includes a more detailed study of sensitive off-site locations such as Canberra Road and Lancia Close
- a health impact assessment
- an archaeological assessment which includes a geophysics survey and trial trench evaluation as there is a possibility of a deserted Medieval settlement and/or pottery kilns being in the area.

Furthermore, we are extremely concerned about the cumulative impact of recent development proposals within the Longford, Exhall and Poplar wards. Therefore, we request that Coventry City Council undertakes an urgent review of its Local Plan to ensure that its allocations and policies reflect the latest environmental and public health guidelines e.g., World Health Organisation’s (WHO) new guidelines and interim targets for air quality. We also ask that the allocations within the Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council’s Borough Plan are considered and that, in future, Coventry City Council engages fully in consultation with other local authorities that have the potential to have impact on these wards. This should include:
- traffic levels
- air quality
- flood risk and flood storage
- sewage and surface water systems in the wider area
- climate change – mitigation and adaptation
- biodiversity recovery
- access to green space and sports/play facilities
- access to services, e.g. GP, dentist, schools
- community facilities

This ePetition runs from 03/01/2022 to 06/03/2022.

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