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Traffic Calming on Brownshill Green Road

We the undersigned petition the Council to Install some traffic calming on the section of Brownshill green Road,between Birchfield Rd and Waste Lane, BEFORE somebody loses their child!!! This is a relatively low cost solution to potential loss of life!!

The section of Brownshill Green Road between Birchfield Rd and Waste Lane is used by School Children of ALL ages from 4 different schools. Yet despite this cars regularly exceed the 30mph speed limit due to it being a straight run to Coundon Wedge Road, and children are forced to play Russian roulette in order to get to and from school. It has been a problem for many years now and is only getting worse with the addition of The Grange Pre-prep and the rapid increase in the local school population. The extension of Coundon Court will only serve to increase the risk even further.

This ePetition runs from 08/12/2021 to 09/02/2022.

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