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Traffic Calming Measures on Allesley Old Road and Prince of Wales Road

We the undersigned petition the Council to examine options aimed at calming traffic on the Allesley Old Road and Prince of Wales Road.

As part of Coventry City Council's plans to tackle pollution, Allesley Old Road will get busier. The Council have proposed the following measures which will affect you:

- A fourth lane of traffic will be added at the Arches, running from the Black Horse pub (which is set to be demolished) to the junction with Windsor Street.

- A sign will be erected at Pickford Way advising motorists to use Allesley Old Road instead of Holyhead Road at peak times.

These two measures will increase traffic flows on the Allesley Old Road; the Council have admitted this. Allesley Old Road is already busy and a nightmare to drive on at peak times especially. We have all experienced the long queues to pull onto the road. Adding more vehicles to the mix is simply dangerous.

That's why we are asking the Council to explore traffic calming measures on the Allesley Old Road. The road has already recorded fatalities and with more traffic being funnelled through the area, the chances of further accidents are only raised.

Furthermore, Prince of Wales Road is currently used as a speeding cut-through to dodge traffic on Allelsey Old Road. It is natural to expect more spill-over onto Prince of Wales Road. It should be included with Allesley Old Road in any set of traffic calming measures.

This ePetition runs from 23/11/2021 to 31/01/2022.

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