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5G mast erected illegally

We the undersigned petition the Council to not allow retrospective planning permission by Coventry City Council planning department for illegal mast already erected by public.affairs@three.co.uk

A monstrous 5G mast was erected by
public.affairs@three.co.uk without planning permission at 8am on Sunday November 17th 2021 on a very small green area in William Groubb Close CV3 2QL without any notification to residents.
It is unsightly, a monstrosity and in the most appropriate place, close to houses and has completely ruined what was a lovely area. It is immediately next to my property (12feet 3inches to be exact.
Planning department has now offered the company a chance to apply for a retrospective planning application which the company have agreed to do. How could Coventry Planning Committee even consider this!? All the local residents are absolutely appalled and extremely stressed and anxious. I understand that this company are illegally erecting masts in other areas of the country. We must insure Coventry is not ruined by Companies acting without planning permission for their own benefit being financial gain!

This ePetition runs from 14/11/2021 to 11/01/2022.

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