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No Building on allotments in Holbrooks ward

We the undersigned petition the Council to consider the objection, from residents of Holbrooks and surrounding areas, to the allotments behind Houldsworth Crescent, Birkdale close and Meadow Road being used a a housing development site for the following reasons:-

• Overlooking/loss of privacy - this will be directly behind many residences and invade their privacy looking directly into the current residents living space.
• Loss of light or overshadowing - most properties have south or south west facing gardens so the new properties will obscure the light to current residents property.
• Parking - Meadow Road is a narrow residential street with very little parking space on both sides. The proposed development does not look to have a significant proportion of housing allocated to each property and therefore overspill would result in Current residence being significantly impacted by extra cars trying to park on their road.
• Highway safety - Due to cars parking on both sides of Meadow road access and egress onto the site would be significantly obscured, there would be little turning space in and out of this site, the road is used as access to president Kennedy School
• Traffic- There are high levels of traffic morning and evening accessing President Kennedy school, it is also used by pedestrians are you schoolchildren to get president Kennedy School and increase traffic in the area would be a risk to them.
• Noise - Residents currently have a peaceful outlook, almost a nature reserve, behind their properties. The disruption caused by the actual building of the site would be significant, and with the impact of having 100+ residents at the bottom of their gardens.
• Layout and density of building - Virtually every other square-inch of Holbrooks Ward has been built on this is one of the small areas left untainted by Development. It looks to be small houses crammed into a small space with very little amenity land or garden.
• Government policy :- Building on statutory allotment land is only allowed when the allotment holders are offered alternative sites. https://researchbriefings.files.parliament.uk/documents/SN00887/SN00887.pdf
• Proposals in the Development Plan - this land is not allocated for housing the the local development plan.
• Nature conservation - This allotment area is a haven for wildlife, there are various types of frogs toads and newts on the side plus nesting bats in the trees surrounding the area.
• Environmental issues - Having been an allotment user on this site Is it the water table is very high, I also know that there is a significant problem with flooding on hols with present which will only be exacerbated if this land is built on and it’s not there to absorb the run-off from the surrounding area. The pond that it is at the bottom of this development was part of a sustainable urban drainage system which doesn’t work and would be significantly impacted should these houses be developed.

This ePetition runs from 03/11/2021 to 05/01/2022.

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