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Save the Earlsdon Branch of Coventry Building Society from closure

We the undersigned petition the Council to support residents by lobbying Coventry Building Society to reconsider the closure plans and keep open this vital community and business asset.

The Earlsdon branch of Coventry Building Society is in the heart of the community. This branch has good access and is used by many elderly and disabled residents, parents taking and collecting children from local schools and local businesses.
Earlsdon branch has been at the current location for well over 40 years and is considered a life line - especially for the elderly who have been loyal Customers. This is the last remaining bank on Earlsdon St and people and businesses will struggle without a local bank
The closure of the Earlsdon branch removes a very important part of the local community. There is no other branch nearby or within a walkable distance. The Daventry Road and City Centre branches are over 30 minutes’ walk away. This closure will also impact local businesses on Earlsdon St as it will reduce footfall and much needed revenue as they emerge from the pandemic.
We understand that in these difficult times businesses have to make decisions in order to make cost savings; however we ask Coventry Building Society to reconsider closing this branch for the sake of our community and businesses

This ePetition runs from 19/10/2021 to 21/12/2021.

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