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Save the Tree at the corner of Beanfield Avenue and Medland Avenue

We the undersigned petition the Council to abandon its plan to remove the three in the aforementioned position. Grounds for removal is a letter from West Midlands Passenger Transport

We have received a letter from the Council that the last tree in the Beanfield Avenue opposite Medland Avenue is to be cut, as it is deemed hazardous for the passing buses. This tree is opposite the houses numbered 87 and 89 Beanfield Avenue. My wife and I reside in this street.

This tree is no further overhanging into the road than any other tree along the Beanfield Ave. We can provide overhang measurements that compare to a significant number of the trees further up this road. This tree has less span and overhang. The slope of the road near the tree is also so little that the argument for buses tilting towards the tree is unfounded.

The trees in Beanfield Ave are pruned every 5 years by the council to ensure that they do not impede the traffic as well as limiting the tree root system growth. The pruning is now overdue.

The council has proposed to cut the tree and replace it with a small tree. This itself is problematic, removing the tree stump and making the spot good and wide for the root growth of the new tree is pretty complex. Most likely scenario is that in order to avoid damage to surrounding tarmac, workers would remove the stump of the cut tree, (some 45cm in diameter), place the new tree in a small root space surrounded by woody roots of the old tree, thus leaving the tree to wither and die (similar disastrous exercise can visibly seen in the Woodside Ave South).

We understand the background for the letter from the Council. Normally there are no cars parked under this tree and as it is near the T-junction of Beanfield Ave and Medland Ave. Bus drivers naturally pull closer to the curb for the safety against oncoming or corner traffic at this T-junction. A faster passing bus and may be driving with lesser care and attention could result in the bus coming close to the low rising curb, part mount it and in due course upper deck to scratch part of the upper trunk.

This tree provides strong privacy for our houses right across the street. They date back to pre-war when the houses in the upper half of Beanfield Ave were built. A new tree (if it survives) would take decades to grow and in the meantime environmental and green spaces are further eroded.

This ePetition runs from 22/08/2021 to 24/10/2021.

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