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No to Highway in Spon End

We the undersigned petition the Council to prevent plans to widen the road to include a fourth lane in Spon End. This means heavy industrial traffic will be diverted from the Holyhead Road to Spon End. They plan to divert traffic from the A45, at Pickford Way, along the A4414 to the B4106, which is Allesley Old Road, through Spon End and also from Coventry City Centre out of the city at Junction 7 through Spon End. The additional fourth lane will require the demolition of the Blackhorse Pub, a locally listed building, and the removal of the layby, which is used by local businesses for customer parking, deliveries, removal of waste and overnight parking for the residents. This means there will be heavy industrial traffic at the kerb side of a busy pedestrian walkway to the local school and city centre raising concerns for health and safety and an increase in pollution. Furthermore, the heritage part of Coventry, with it's medieval buildings and the river Sherbourne, is a designated conservation area.

To help the preservation of this community, its safety, conservation and environmental impact please support our cause by signing our petition and to raise awareness of these issues

This ePetition runs from 09/07/2021 to 30/09/2021.

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