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Objection to the new masterplan proposals for A444 Land at Wilsons Lane, Coventry

We the undersigned petition the Council to register our objections to the new masterplan, proposed for the site A444 Land at Wilsons Lane (OUT/2020/1505); diversion of the B25 footpath and the route of the ‘shared use path.’ Putting 50,000 sqm of B8 (storage or distribution) which would include two 18m tall buildings that would be operating 24 hours-a-day and 365 days-a-year (including Sundays and bank holidays), is inappropriate within a residential setting and would have a detrimental impact on health and wellbeing. Residents within Woodshires Green would suffer from oppressive views, poor air quality and be constantly disturbed by light and noise pollution. The ‘shared use path’ could also increase levels of crime within the area; it is unsafe to create what would effectively be an alleyway behind people’s homes. Furthermore, we believe the development would cause traffic chaos along the B4113-B4119 Corridor, A444 and M6 J3.

We also request that L&Q Estates resubmits a masterplan and assessments which include the following so that they can be addressed at the outline planning stage:
• A landscaped buffer zone of at least 100m to the east of the site as stipulated in the past by a Secretary of State to ‘provide an important environmental safeguard for local residents.’
• A limit of 10m on building height.
• Details about the route of the second access road if there is an intention to connect the site to Silverstone Drive at any point in the future.
• Junction analysis at Oakmoor Road and Windmill Road.
• Analysis using data from the air quality monitoring sites at Oakmoor Road and Windmill Road (i.e., LR1-3).
• HGV route plan including alternative routes for when there are issues on the M6 or A444 with traffic and air quality modelling for these routes.
• Traffic modelling which takes the Coventry Building Society Arena (e.g., Major Event Days) and the Keresley Link Road into account.
• Stacking plan for HGVs.
• Noise impact of the ‘shared use path’ and pick-up/drop-off in the wider area.
• Noise and vibration impact of piling on properties within Old Farm Lane and Wilson’s Lane.
• Impact of light pollution especially on the River Sowe, local wildlife sites and residents living in Old Farm Lane and Wilson’s Lane (e.g., employee car parks and ‘shared use path’).

For these reasons, we believe that Coventry City Council should refuse access.

This ePetition runs from 03/06/2021 to 05/07/2021.

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