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Belgrave Road estate: "children playing" warning signs for drivers.

We the undersigned petition the Council to act on our concerns that some drivers are driving too fast on the estate. It is the type of area where children can play out as it's a "dead end" estate, and does not benefit from a 'cut through'. Driving at speed on Westmorland Rd CV2 5BU/Keswick Walk CV2 5BX is putting our children at risk. We are located adjacent to a large secondary school; which also puts children at risk whilst being out and crossing the road. We have recently had a child(ren) clipped by cars/drivers. We want sign(s) warning drivers that "children are at play" and; where relevant: "slow" signs if possible (Westmorland Rd/Rear of Caludon Castle secondary school). I also ask for the same consideration for Pearl Hyde/Dorchester Way CV2 2LU.

Speeding Cars/boy racers/dangerous parking/children being forced to cross behind/or in front of parked cars (some high sided).

This ePetition runs from 21/05/2021 to 23/07/2021.

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