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Speed Deterrent on the Mount

We the undersigned petition the Council to consider that we the residents want action regarding speed reduction on our road i.e. speed humps, pinch points and electronic speed signs or a camera

The Mount is shortcut from the city centre to Daventry Rd and other way round. Large number of drivers are using the road as a race track. In a middle on junction with St. Christian Rd there is really dangerous, deceptive corner that catches speeding drivers with surprise, when they loose control of the vehicle. On 08.01.2021 driver in an audi completely wrote off 3 parked cars. Another time on 12.07.2019 mercedes driver lost control on the corner coming from city centre and hit 3 cars as well which were written off as well. All the residents agree that combination of excessive speed and that misleading corner were the cause of accidents in the past (many of them) and will cause more accidents in the future. I would like to invite the council representative to visit our road and experience that hair rising speeds and near misses that occur here on constantly. We want safety for ourselves and pedestrians and other considerable road users, but without appropriate action from the council that will be impossible.

This ePetition runs from 09/04/2021 to 11/06/2021.

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