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Speed deterrent on Daventry Road

We the undersigned petition the Council to install average speed cameras or speed humps on Daventry Road. Since the beginning of lockdown, the speed of the cars on Daventry Road is causing property damage as well as personal injuries.

In November 2020, 1 resident’s parked car was written off. In the same accident, a surrounding wall, driveway, patio, bins and a telephone pole where all destroyed as well as the offending vehicle. In a separate accident in March 2021 a motorcycle collided with a vehicle causing extensive damage to both vehicles and writing off a third vehicle which was parked in one of the bays.

In both accidents the police and ambulance were in attendance.

This ePetition runs from 28/03/2021 to 30/05/2021.

118 people have signed this ePetition.