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Objection to development of Former Hawkesbury Golf Course (CC/2021/0484)

We the undersigned petition the Council to reflect residents’ concerns when they comment on the outline planning application ‘Former Hawkesbury Golf Course’ (CC/2021/0484) for the erection of 296 dwellings. In combination with a recently approved application (204 dwellings) and with Stockley Road at reserved matters (82 dwellings), there is the potential for 582 dwellings to be added to the Hawkesbury area without the adequate infrastructure to support it. We believe that this will introduce traffic and air quality issues into areas of Coventry which are already suffering from cumulative impact. In addition, we believe that the Hawkesbury area should have its own provision of services to meet its current and future needs, (e.g. new primary school and medical centre), a bridge built to prevent traffic queues at the level crossing on Blackhorse Road and new road infrastructure built to protect the weak bridge over Coventry Canal and Grange Road from further traffic congestion.

We ask for Coventry City Council to request that the applicant submits the following:
- transport assessment and air quality assessment that includes the Longford Road–Windmill Road junction and the Coventry City Council’s air quality measured monitoring sites LR1 and LR2 which are based here. Furthermore, they should include sensitive receptors at this junction within their air quality modelling.
- air quality assessment which revisits, with support from Coventry City Council, the use of LR3 (based at Longford Road–Oakmoor Road Junction) within its modelling; how can an assessment be accepted when it reports that a measured monitoring site is ‘identified as an outlier but the reason for this could not be identified.’ If there are issues affecting the the use of LR3 in air quality assessments, this needs to be addressed urgently.
- a transport assessment which includes the impact of the planned ‘M6 J3 Interim Scheme’ on the area’s local road network
- phase 3 geo-environmental report which includes a land contamination remediation strategy and Tier 3 Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessment (DQRA). This is essential due to the history of contaminated waste tipping know to have occurred on the site.
- flood risk assessment which provides a thorough investigation of the culverted waterways in the area and where they lead; including, the culvert referred to as being ‘at the southern boundary of the site adjacent to Sinclair Drive.’ From previous incidents, it is known that pollutants tipped in Hawkesbury and Bayton Road Industrial Estate (through storm drains) have ended up in the Wyken Slough. For example, when cyanide waste tipped on Hawkesbury Colliery Farm killed fish in the Wyken Slough during the 1960’s and a company polluted sediment in a brook running through the Wyken Slough in 2002.
- flood risk assessment which looks at the impact of removing a local flood storage area on off-site locations in Alderman’s Green, (e.g. on Canberra Road).

Furthermore, we are extremely concerned about the cumulative impact of recent development proposals within the Longford, Holbrooks, Exhall, Heath and Poplar wards. Therefore, we request that Coventry City Council takes the allocations within the Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council’s Borough plan into account and engages fully with consultation on any future local plan reviews with regard to cumulative impact on the above wards. This should include:
- traffic levels
- air quality
- flood risk and flood storage
- climate change
- biodiversity
- access to green space and sports/play facilities
- access to services, e.g. GP, dentist, schools

This ePetition ran from 04/03/2021 to 16/03/2021 and has now finished.

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