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Elm Farm - Reference OUT/2021/0012

We the undersigned petition the Council to supply more detailed information on the boundaries to the properties adjoining the entrance to the farm. Who will be responsible for the maintenance of the trees on the farm? Conifers that are already growing very high and were cut short by the farmer, are now growing over into properties. Will the double gate be removed to the entrance to the farm as this has created a parking, turn round, roundabout on a dangerous bend that only a few weeks ago had a car hit a post and rolled over on its roof and ended up on my lawn. I have also supplied photos of a resident being hit by a bus when crossing the road to access his home in the care home opposite, where you intend to make a road the only entrance to 150 homes. This will add a minimum of of 150 cars in and out at peak times. The road on Wigston Road is already is being churned up by the amount of traffic using it as a shortcut from the M6 M69 and A46 to other parts of the city.

You have not considered that the junction of Woodway Lane, Wigston Road and Ringwood Highway creates a traffic jam outside a school entrance, a chemist and a doctors surgery. You intend to put all this in place outside my front lawn when I have been refused a dropped kerb as you considered the bend to be to dangerous.

This ePetition runs from 16/02/2021 to 20/04/2021.

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