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Objection to development of green space at Allard Way, Whitley - Planning ref: OUT/2020/2665

We the undersigned petition the Council to object to its own housing application OUT/2020/2665, in favour of retaining the area of land adjacent to Allard Way as important green space and a potential Local Wildlife Site. It would go some way to mitigating the poor air quality and traffic congestion resulting from massive over-development in the Whitley area and would allow continuing provision of vital recreational space for local residents. Funding for the proposal would be secured through s106 contributions from other planned development in the Whitley area.

The proposed Whitley Pumping Station housing development adequately meets the housing targets set for the area of land east of London Road in the Local Plan. There is no need to add to this by building on the Coventry City Council area land. On the contrary the Council have a duty of care to ensure the health and well-being of its residents. The Allard Way site, if sympathetically landscaped, planted with trees and provisioned with play equipment would provide a quality green space (as per Coventry’s Green Space Strategy) and would extend the use of an already important publicly accessible area to Whitley families and children. It would encourage outdoor activity and promote health and well-being in times of Covid and beyond, providing an outdoor communal meeting place for local people, particularly flat dwellers who have no back gardens. It would also continue to act as important green space to mitigate against climate change and loss of habitat and biodiversity (retention of green space is a stated policy in Coventry’s Climate Change Strategy) as well as providing vital outdoor educational opportunities to local school children from Ernesford Grange and Whitley schools. The area connects to the Sowe Valley footpath which offers a route to areas further afield, encouraging active travel.
Whitley has never had the good fortune to have family friendly areas that encourage children outdoors as the Council has never seen it as a priority. With a cycle path the area would provide safe off-road access to the Alan Higgs Sports Centre and the Allard Way cycle path for the local population. We believe the retention of this green space is absolutely vital to the community, and would offer at least some mitigation against burgeoning road traffic in the area, brought about by numerous large-scale developments in recent years - Whitley South, Middlemarch Business Park, Gateway, the MRF, Charterhouse Heritage Park, the Airport Retail and Pilot Business Parks to name but a few.

This ePetition runs from 28/01/2021 to 01/04/2021.

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