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Deferring of Parking charges for NHS Staff

We the undersigned petition the Council to We, the taxpayers of Coventry are appealing to the Cabinet Member for Public Health & Sport, Councillor Kamran Caan, to at least permanently defer payment for parking for all our NHS staff at University Hospitals Trust (Walsgrave Hopital) It is wrong that our nursing staff wave to endure these rates for parking their vehicles every day to work, caring for the public of Coventry and the surrounding area's. Nothing has justified this cause more than the last 12 months of the present Covid19 Pandemic we find ourselves facing , with no visible end at present.

This Petition has been created following the actions of qqmembers of the Coventry Facebook group, We Love Coundon.

This ePetition ran from 24/01/2021 to 27/01/2021 and has now finished.

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