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Pedestrian Safety on London Road Whitley due to overdevelopment of green space

We the undersigned petition the Council to , on behalf of members of Whitley Residents and Neighbourhood Watch Association and Folly Lane Football & Social Club, to insist that all of the Developers' housing applications concerning the sites at the Whitley Pumping Station, the land adjacent to Allard Way and 401, London Road (Planning ref. nos: (OUT/2020)/2521/2665/2882) must submit revised highways proposals that demonstrably reduce traffic congestion, improve road and pedestrian safety and enhance air quality for residents.

London Road is an extremely busy arterial route to and from the city that is already one of the most dangerous thoroughfares in Coventry for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. There are three schools in its proximity within 5-10 minutes’ walk. Also a Social Club with 6 football teams using the facilities in the club, need safe crossing to access the 2 pitches the other side of the London road. The recent installation of Average Speed Enforcement cameras has helped to reduce overall speeds but has not de-escalated vehicular volumes which are certain to increase even further as a direct result of the above projects. This road frequently suffers bottlenecks at the Airport Retail/Pilot Business Parks, experiences high levels of traffic from the Whitley South development, along with the major Asda supermarket/petrol station at the 'Asda' roundabout. The expansion of Charterhouse with its newly extended car park to allow yet more visitor traffic, the prospective M.R.F. (Materials Recycling Facility) with additional H.G.V. movements and increased traffic to the new 50m. Swimming facility at the Alan Higgs Centre all exacerbate the existing problems. The proposed housing developments will add up to another 350 dwellings that could generate a further 500-600 vehicles using London Road regularly. It is the view of residents that all these factors should be taken into consideration to produce a more holistic solution which properly mitigates their concerns over worsening road safety, unreasonable traffic congestion, inadequate cycle & pedestrian routes and poor air quality.

This ePetition runs from 13/01/2021 to 31/03/2021.

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