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Objection to development of ‘Land off Alderman’s Green Road’

We the undersigned petition the Council to reject the application ‘Land off Alderman's Green Road’ (OUT/2020/2038) which includes 100 residential dwellings, 300 residential apartments and B8 (storage and distribution). We believe that it is over-development which will introduce traffic and air quality issues into areas which are already suffering from cumulative impact. Furthermore, we are of the opinion that this proposal undermines Coventry City Council’s policies with regard to green infrastructure and the conservation areas nearby (Hawkesbury and Coventry Canal).

We ask for Coventry City Council to request that the applicant submits the following:

- transport assessment and air quality assessment that includes the Longford Road/Windmill Road junction and the Coventry City Council’s air quality measured monitoring sites LR1 and LR2 which are based here. Furthermore, they should include sensitive receptors at this junction within their air quality modelling.
- Phase 3 geo-environmental report which includes a land contamination remediation strategy and Tier 3 Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessment (DQRA). This is essential due to the history of contaminated waste tipping know to have occurred in the wider area and presence of asbestos, made ground, mine shafts and high levels of methane and carbon dioxide on the site.
- road safety audit for the proposed primary access off Alderman’s Green Road which includes all users, (i.e. pedestrians, cyclists, cars and HGVs)
- water vole, hedgehog, invertebrate and bird surveys
- site-plan which acknowledges the fact that this site was originally intended to be used for ‘recreational purposes’ as a ‘public open space’ once tipping had finished and the site landscaped

Furthermore, we are extremely concerned about the cumulative impact of recent development proposals within the Longford and Exhall wards. Therefore, we request that Coventry City Council takes the allocations within the Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council’s Borough’s Borough plan into account and engages fully with consultation on any future local plan reviews with regard to cumulative impact on the Longford and Exhall wards. This should include:

- traffic levels
- air quality
- flood risk and flood storage
- climate change
- biodiversity
- access to green space and sports/play facilities
- access to services, e.g. GP, dentist, schools

This ePetition runs from 09/01/2021 to 26/02/2021.

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