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Objection to development of land at Whitley Pumping Station

We the undersigned petition the Council to Reject the application from Homes England to develop land at the site of the old Whitley Pumping Station (195 new houses)

Residents have been given circa 10 days to make comment on almost 90 documents regarding the Planning Application OUT/2020/2521 for development of land at the Whitley Pumping Station, London Road, Allard Way, Coventry. The sheer volume of material (393 pages in the transport document alone) and the fact that most are written in such a way that only individuals with detailed subject knowledge are able to understand, makes this an impossible task. The main objections already submitted during the 'Community' involvement period regarding traffic have been glossed over. Statistics can be used to befuddle the general public and also manipulated to the advantage of those commissioning them. Anyone subjected daily to the existing traffic levels would dispute the statistics submitted. To have 2 entrances/exits within a short distance of each other in an accident hotspot, frequented daily by children from Whitley Academy is simply a recipe for disaster.

This ePetition runs from 27/12/2020 to 07/03/2021.

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