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Materials Recycling Facility / Plng. Ref. No. (FMES/2020/0427)

We the undersigned petition the Council to (along with members of Whitley Residents and Neighbourhood Watch Association), ensure that the above development incorporates a strict one-way system on the Whitley Depot site. For safety reasons, such would permit motorised vehicles ENTRY ONLY from London Road and EXIT ONLY on to Humber Road. Walkers and cyclists would be exempted from these restrictions as an incentive towards 'Active Travel'.

Whilst recognising both the environmental and business cases for an M.R.F., we are strongly opposed to the choice of location. For many years Coventry City Council has been resistant to appeals from residents as well as official instructions to improve highway conditions on this most hazardous stretch of London Road. The application seeks approval for the introduction of an alarming rise in the comings and goings of high numbers of H.G.Vs., including many from no less than 7 neighbouring municipal Authorities. No mitigation whatsoever has been designated, the Council demonstrating a careless disregard for those they purport to serve, as Road Safety and Air Quality are bound to be detrimentally affected. The one-way system requested would greatly reduce the impending threat to our health and well-being.
Your support would be very much appreciated.

This ePetition ran from 27/12/2020 to 14/01/2021 and has now finished.

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