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Demand for construction for on-road parking on Deedmore Road, CV2 1EL

We the undersigned petition the Council to clear the unnecessary thin trees on Deedmore Road and substitute them for a more practical feature; on-road parking. The neighbourhood has adopted a sensible culture to park coherently onto the wasted grassland outside their homes after the council has failed to take initiative to demolish the patches of grass and trees and replace them with diagonally shaped parking slots to allow for a more uniform neighbourhood with convenience. The additional benefits, of exterminating the patchy grass & trees for diagonal parking, are the widened roads. Currently, Deedmore Road is infamous for its tight road due to vehicles parked in the way of where cars should be driving. This is clearly an unsafe environment especially when you take into account the primary school right beside the road; causing usual peak traffic times to become extremely severe on Deedmore Road. We believe our request for diagonal parking in substitute for the patchy grass and worn-out thin trees is a practical one thus

We already park like this, we just need it made official by the council and that can be done by doing the task mentioned above. We urge you to take our request into consideration.
Thank you for reading.

This ePetition runs from 28/12/2020 to 28/02/2021.

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