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Lack of pedestrian/traffic improvements on recent planning applications

We the undersigned petition the Council to Make developers housing applications in Bablake Ward include both pedestrian and traffic improvements.

Huge numbers of houses are to be built off Tamworth road, historical plans always stated there would be either a link road or traffic improvements to long lane/Tamworth road junction. Planning applications appear to be being drip fed rather than the original overall plans adhered to and the improvements are not in any of the recent applications. The area is already dangerous with the extra commuter traffic to/from Lyons park, not to mention the commercial vehicles using this route, which they are not meant to but do anyway. Pedestrians have no pedestrian crossings in the area. Children attending Cardinal Newman School will have to cross even busier roads. The cafe that is to be built at the Coventry Garden centre will increase footfall, again without pedestrian crossings.
This has to be addressed, local residents safety appears to be secondary to building houses in an area that already lacks shops, doctors, school placements.

This ePetition runs from 14/11/2020 to 16/01/2021.

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