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Upgrade to Electric Buses in Coundon

We the undersigned petition the Council to prioritise Coundon as it moves to low-emission bus fleets.

In its 'Coventry Local Air Quality Plan', Coventry City Council state they are, "working with bus companies so that, by 2021, all of Coventry's buses are low or zero emission vehicles."

Coventry City Council have laid out that under its modelling Holyhead Road will exceed the legal limits of NO2 concentration in the air and in 2019 Holyhead Road was rated the "most polluted road in the Midlands."

The City Council was awarded £2.2million from the Government's 'Ultra-Low Emission Bus Scheme' to purchase new electric buses and, working with National Express, have deployed them on the streets of Coventry. Additionally National Express have rolled out their low-emitting Platinum range of buses, notably on the X1 route along Holyhead Road to Birmingham.

We believe it is necessary to further tackle emissions in Coundon by making the area a top priority in delivering cleaner public transport. The 5 and 7 buses all run along Holyhead Road and into Coundon. The City Council must work with National Express to urgently deliver low-emission or electric buses on these routes so as to lower emissions as quickly as possible.

This ePetition runs from 07/10/2020 to 01/12/2020.

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