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Pedestrian crossing for War Memorial Park access

We the undersigned petition the Council to install a suitable pedestrian crossing on Leamington Road that would provide safe access to the War Memorial park for all residents from the Cheylesmore area. The section of road where this is required is by the car park at the northern end of Leamington Road. There is already Tactile paving installed so is a natural crossing point. Unfortunately, due a heavy volume of traffic, especially at rush hour, combined with vehicles travelling at speed from both directions makes it extremely difficult to cross. We have seen several near misses involving a range of pedestrians but particularly the elderly, children, and bicycle riders. Such a crossing would also benefit vehicles trying to turn right onto Leamington Road from Humphrey Burton Road, as this too proves very difficult during rush hour.

We originally opened a case for this in March 2019 (S-Case-128482712), unfortunately the situation has only become worse. With the current restricted climate, safe access to the local park is a lifeline for many people. The access points to the park should be safe for all pedestrians. In addition, this route is used by school children.

This ePetition runs from 05/10/2020 to 07/12/2020.

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