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Reject BMW Sytner dealership garage extension (ref:FUL/2020/1143)

We the undersigned petition the Council to reject the planning application to extend the car storage garage that serves BMW Sytner dealership. Already our quiet neighbourhood is blighted by 24/7 noise of cars driving and sounding horns as they manoeuvre the garage. The extra fumes emitted from more cars is unacceptable in an already polluted area. Additionally the threat of having more cars as a potential fire hazard so close to homes is a catastrophe waiting to happen. The garage already blots the landscape and a 4 storey extension will only exacerbate the problems. This should not be built in a residential area.

Residents living in a quiet neighbourhood should not have such a blot on their area. The garage is an anomaly on the landscape and towers over buildings around it. It is totally out of place and to add more and encroach closer to more homes is unacceptable.

This ePetition runs from 07/08/2020 to 09/10/2020.

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