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Parking at Daventry Road shopping centre

We the undersigned petition the Council to stop the proposed change to parking at Daventry Road Shopping Centre. Not only will it reduce the amount of parking available. Part of the proposal is to make it more social distancing, this will not be the case as opening doors onto the pavement area will cause drivers to be in closer contact with pedestrians and also the safety issue of doors opening whilst pedestrians are walking by.

The proposed changing from diagonal parking for 38 vehicles to 35 parallel means that during business hours the amount of lost parking will be vast as these shops and banks have a quick turnover and one parking space may be occupied by many vehicles in the course of any one hour, so hundreds of spaces lost in a week. Getting disabled or children out of passenger side which means having the car door open will be a safety issue with cars driving down the slip road. These shops are popular for the very reason that parking is generally is so good. In times of so many shops struggling to stay open this is a nail in the coffin, which they certainly don’t need. Could part of the very wide pavement be used say at Quinton Road end to allow longer vehicles to park safety. It would seem the the shop owners were only notified in last couple of days, so no prior consultations have taken place. With parallel parking on other side of the slip road, it going to be chaotic if both sides are reversing into spaces at the same time and no doubt increase accidents and not as planned reduce them.

This ePetition runs from 02/08/2020 to 04/10/2020.

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