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To lift Section 58 Highways prohibition for sections of Beanfield Avenue to allow the installation of Fibre Broadband - Resubmitted petition (previously collected 111 signatures)

We the undersigned petition the Council to remove existing section 58 prohibition on installation of fibre broadband on Beanfield Avenue The current Highways section 58 restriction prevents the installation of Superfast Broadband (fibre) in Beanfield Avenue. I believe that it is due to be lifted in 2022. This is not acceptable, as we feel after being consulted by a Highways Officer from the Council, that there are certain viable procedures which would allow the installation of fibre broadband with minimum disruption to the environment, thus enabling residents to be brought into line with most of the City. A decent Internet service is a basic right for people today, and counts alongside amenities like Water, Electricity, etc. More so in the current climate with Coronavirus, as people need to work increasingly from home, and may well continue to do so after the Lockdown.

This relates to the installation of superfast broadband (Internet) on Beanfield Avenue. There is no reason why residents cannot have a service which most of the city already enjoys and uses routinely.

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This ePetition runs from 23/07/2020 to 24/09/2020.

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