Adult Lifestyle Service Consultation

Purpose of the consultation

Coventry's Public Health team funds a range of services to help people stay well by supporting them to adopt healthier lifestyles. These services are important because 4 out of 10 premature deaths are caused by our lifestyle choices – whether we smoke, drink alcohol above recommended levels, are overweight, do too little physical activity or eat a poor diet.


At the moment, services helping people change their lifestyle choices are all provided separately. We want to join these services together and have them deliver the most support to the people at the highest risk of poor health due to unhealthy lifestyle choices. The current services which we want to join together are:


NHS Health Checks - a routine screening programme for people aged 40-74 years aimed at helping spot the early signs of conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease or type 2 diabetes. NHS Health Checks are offered at GP practices and some community venues like libraries.


Lifestyle Advisors (sometimes also called health trainers) - supports people wanting to make a lifestyle behaviour change. They also provide a one-to-one weight management programme and access to Slimming World for a limited period.


Stop smoking services – supporting people to quit smoking by offering talking therapies and access to medications like NRT and Veracline. Currently, services support people through the first 12 weeks of a quit attempt and are delivered at GP practices, pharmacies, the hospital (UHCW) and in places like libraries, community centres and workplaces.


A smoking harm reduction service - supporting people with serious and enduring mental health conditions to reduce the amount of tobacco they smoke, with an aim to eventually quit entirely. The service supports people for a longer period and offers talking therapies and access to medications like NRT.


The deadline for responses is March 31st.


Your views will help to ensure that the new service(s) is easy to use and meets your needs. It will also ensure that consideration is given to local needs identified by local residents when developing the service.


If you have any queries regarding the survey please contact:


Paul Hargrave, Programme Manager Lifestyles

024 7683 2868