Development of a Family Health and Lifestyle Service

Purpose of the consultation

Development of a Family Health and Lifestyle Service


Coventry's Public Health team fund a range of services to help families with children aged 0-19 (and up to 24 for children with special education needs and disability) stay healthy (detailed on page 5). We want to change and improve these services and develop them as an integral part of the city's Family Hub model


Information about Family Hubs can be found here


We have worked with Coventry people and professionals to look at how the services are currently working, how they could be improved, and what people think would help them to stay healthy.


With all of the information we have collected, we have identified the ways of working, and really important areas we want this new service to focus on in order to make a positive difference to the lives of Coventry families. 


We now want to ask you via this survey (that closes on the 20th Feb) what you think about the:


1. way we want the service to work

2. areas we want the service to focus more on

3. changes we propose to existing services 




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