Agenda item

Quarter Two Performance 2023/24 - Adult Social Care

Report of the Director of Adult Services and Housing


The Cabinet Member considered a report of the Director of Adult Services and Housing that provided an update to Adult Social Care performance for quarter two 2023/24 alongside actions in place to improve performance and proposed next steps.


Adult Social Care performance is measured in line with the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) national Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework (ASCOF) and this performance is reported nationally at year end.


Adult Social Care (ASC) also measures a series of locally defined indicators, which are reported to the Adult Social Care Management Team on a quarterly basis.


The report updated the Cabinet Member for Adult Services on the quarter two performance, actions in place to improve performance and proposed next steps. It also provided an opportunity for the Cabinet Member to provide comment.


The report also gave an update on the Adult Social Care involvement approach including engagement and user experience work undertaken in the previous quarter. This is important alongside numerical performance as it provides a context for what people with care and support needs and their carers consider important and should be used to inform areas for improvement.


An appendix to the report outlined the ASCOF figures for each of the four domains and indicators set out in the report, demonstrating the quarter two improvement of key areas in comparison to 2021/22 and 2022/23 figures. Directional arrows were displayed to summarise performance compared to previous years against these indicators. It also provided a useful comparison between Coventry City Council’s figures and those at a regional and national level.


The Director of Adult Services and Housing outlined the information in the report with the Cabinet Member, providing clarification as to any significant changes in the indicator figures as well as the steps implemented to ensure continued improvement. The Head of Adult Care and Support, summarised that no major concerns or trends had been highlighted in the data, with exception to the around 10% drop in the proportion of adults with learning disabilities who live in their own home or with their family – these results were likely due to a data issue and not a performance issue however. It was also noted that, while the numbers in relation to paid employment remained low, lots of work was being undertaken to address this.


Additionally, the Service Manager for Adult Communication updated the Cabinet Member on the engagement work being undertaken, especially with regard to the Service’s engagement with Adult Social Care providers, recruitment events, internship providers, communication with disability confident employers, and work done with the voluntary sector.


The Cabinet and Deputy Cabinet Member asked questions, sought assurances and received responses on a number of matters including:

·  Collaborations with the Job Shop to help those in care access voluntary and paid employment

·  Colour printing for the agenda, especially with regard to Appendix 1 and its colour indicators.

o  (Note: An accessible online colour agenda is provided to all Members, attendees and the public 5 working days before the meeting.)

·  The Worker’s Carer’s Association, online training programs and the release of old IT equipment for those in care to access online training courses.


RESOLVED that the Cabinet Member for Adult Services endorses the action taken in relation to the Adult Social Care quarter two 2023/24 performance including the next steps as outlined in the report.


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