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NHS Report - Developing an Integrated Care Forward Plan

Briefing Note of the Chief Transformation Officer, Coventry and Warwickshire Integrated Care Board


The Health and Social Care Scrutiny Board (5) received a briefing note and presentation by the Chief System Transformation Officer and Deputy Chief Executive, Integrated Care Board (ICB) regarding Developing an Integrated Care 5 Year Plan for Coventry and Warwickshire.


The Coventry and Warwickshire Integrated Care System (ICS) comprised the following elements:


  • Integrated Care Board
  • Integrated Care Partnership
  • Local Authorities
  • Care Collaboratives
  • Provider Collaboratives


The purpose of the ICS was to bring together partner organisations to improve health, healthcare, tackle inequalities, enhance productivity and value for money and help the NHS support broader social and economic development.


In order to achieve these aims, the following would be developed:


  • An Integrated Care Strategy, setting out the direction of the system and outlining priorities for delivering integrated care.  This would be developed by the ICP.
  • An Integrated Care 5 Year Plan, responding to the Integrated Care Strategy and detailing how the aims will be delivered.  This document would be developed and delivered through the ICB.


The final draft of the Integrated Care Strategy included 3 core priorities:


  • Prevention and improving future health outcomes through tackling health inequalities.
  • Improving access to health and care services and increasing trust and confidence
  • Tackling immediate system pressures and improving resilience


Prior to the start of each financial year, the ICB and its partner NHS Trusts and NHS foundation trusts prepared an Integrated Care 5 Year Plan.  The plan produced by the ICB must have regard to the Integrated Care Strategy and set out any steps on how the ICB proposed to implement Joint Local Health and Wellbeing Strategy (JLHWS) relating to the ICB area.  This would give operational detail around the strategy’s vision.


The Health and Care 2022 Act stated that the plan must:


  • Describe the health services for which the ICB proposed to make arrangements in the exercise of its functions by virtue of the Act.
  • Explain how the ICB proposed to discharge its duties.
  • Set out any steps that the ICB proposed to take to implement any JHLWS.
  • Set out any steps that the ICB proposed to take to address the particular needs of children and young persons under the age of 25.
  • Set out any steps that the ICB proposed to take to address the particular needs of victims of abuse.


A draft of the plan was currently being reviewed by NHS England and feedback was awaited.  The final submission date was 30th June 2023 and the plan would be refreshed each year.


Members of the Scrutiny Board, having considered the content of the briefing note and presentation, asked questions and received information from officers on the following matters:


  • Inequalities and how they would be addressed throughout the plan.
  • Staffing issues and the focus on tackling immediate system pressures by improving resilience and developing and investing in the workforce. Significant work was being undertaken on recruitment, retention, training and the use of technology.
  • The Board would receive a 6 monthly or annual update on the Joint 5 Year Forward Plan with an overview of what has been achieved against the priorities.


The Board noted that the draft plan would be circulated to Members of the Board when available and the NHS would report back to the Board annually on the Joint Forward Plan progress.


RESOLVED that the Scrutiny Board engage with the ICB on the development of the Joint Forward Plan.


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