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Response to a petition regarding concerns over; lack of site protection, extensive flytipping and anti-social behaviour in the entry which serves Kirkdale Avenue and Selworthy Road.

Report of the Deputy Chief Executive (Place)


Note: Councillor Mrs Lucas and the petition organiser have been invited to the meeting for consideration of this item.


The Cabinet Member considered a report of the Deputy Chief Executive (Place)

which responded to a petition bearing 17 signatures, sponsored by Councillor Mrs Lucas, a Holbrooks Ward Councillor, which had been submitted to the City Council on 16th January, 2018.  The petition was regarding concerns over; lack of site protection, extensive flytipping and anti-social behaviour in the entry which serves Kirkdale Avenue and Selworthy Road. Councillor Mrs Lucas attended the meeting and spoke on behalf of the petitioners.


The report stated that the residents had highlighted concerns that the area was constantly being fly tipped on and whilst the council had cleared the site they wanted a long term solution to the issue.  Residents stated that there were numerous incidents of anti-social behaviour, littering and fly tipping in the same area.  This made the area look dirty and untidy and encouraged more flytipping. Residents were keen to have the issues addressed at the earliest opportunity.


Coventry City Council recorded data from January 2017 to January 2018 showed 17 reports related directly to flytipping to the rear of Selworthy Road and Kirkdale Avenue.  The Council therefore agreed that some action was required to reduce this activity and had been working with residents prior to receiving this petition.


Residents requested that the council install two new bollards which drop down within the entry to only allow authorised vehicular access to the entry.  The entry that ran between the two roads was privately owned and was therefore the collective responsibility of all the residents, there was no deed of ownership therefore it was essentially a patch of no-man’s land.  The council doesn’t have any ownership or liability for this piece of land, however it was decided that in the interests of public health, the waste that had been dumped in the area would be removed at cost to the council.


Officers from the Council had made contact with the Ward Councillors, had made numerous site visits and had spoken to many residents.  The Council were monitoring the situation and extra patrols take place as duties allow and individuals found to be causing issues were challenged and appropriate action taken.


The area had been highlighted as a ‘Hot Street’ and as such weekly patrols were made of the area.  In addition, specific visits were undertaken to collect reported fly tipping from this private land.  All cases of fly tipping were investigated, with the appropriate course of action depending on any evidence found at the scene and witnesses to the offence(s).


Officers from the council had already implemented some target hardening measures in the area notably the installation of the bollards on the access passages from Selworthy Road. This would ensure that only authorised vehicles were able to access the rear entry via this route.  Officers would continue to monitor the area and meet with residents when needed. It was not the intention of the Council to install the 2 new bollards within the entry itself.  It was believed that the introduction of these bollards would be problematic, as no one would take ownership of the padlocks, and that leaving the site open but with monitoring of the site was a better option.  This would be reviewed at a later date and look at installation of a height restriction barrier if necessary.


Officers had arranged for the adaption of the lamp column on Marshdale Avenue so that it could accommodate a CCTV Camera and also for the entry to be cleared of all waste.


The Cabinet Member and Councillor Lucas thanked the officers for their support with the issue in the area.


The Cabinet Member, the Ward Councillor and other members present discussed with officers prosecutions and bollards and keys.


RESOLVED Cabinet Member for Policing and Equalities :-


1.  Request Council officers [and West Midlands Police if relevant] to continue their monitoring of the area and respond accordingly to residents requests for assistance.


2.  Encourage residents to set up a Neighbourhood Watch in the area and report incidents of concern to Police and the Council as soon as they occur.


3.  Reinstate the missing / broken bollards on the access roads from Selworthy Road so as to prevent unauthorised vehicular access to the rear entry.


4.  Install a lamp column on Marshdale Avenue which has the capacity to accommodate a deployable CCTV camera. [This will allow all vehicles which enter the entry to be observed and footage can be checked if there are any further incidents of tipping]


5.  Arrange for a clearance of all waste from site so that the area is left in a clean fly-tipped free state, this will allow the council to note any subsequent tipping. And hopefully deter further tipping on the site.


6.  Install a no flytipping sign in the area, this will emphasise that flytipping is not acceptable and offer advice to residents as to who to report any subsequent tipping to.



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