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Scrutiny Co-ordination Committee

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Information about Scrutiny Co-ordination Committee

The city council has established six Scrutiny Boards and an over-arching Scrutiny Co-ordination Committee. These are made up of Councillors from across the political parties who are not members of the Executive.  Some of the Boards include co-opted members of the public.


The roles of the Scrutiny Co-ordination Committee are to Develop and manage Scrutiny in the Council, Co-ordinate and monitor the work of the Scrutiny Boards, Undertake cross-cutting reviews, consider 'call-ins' - where Councillors want to discuss in more detail decisions that have already been taken by the Cabinet and Cabinet Members.


Each Scrutiny Board has responsibility for specific issues and service areas.  The Scrutiny Co-ordination Committee has responsibility for Council Resources (Finance, HR, ICT, Legal); and the abc Transformation Programme.