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Local Development Scheme

Meeting: 13/07/2021 - Cabinet (Item 10)

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Report of the Director of Streetscene and Regulatory Services

Additional documents:


The Cabinet considered a report of the Director of Streetscene and Regulatory Services that sought approval of the updated Local Development Scheme 2021, which had last been published in 2015. The Local Development Scheme 2021 was attached as an Appendix to the report.


The report had also been considered by the Communities and Neighbourhoods Scrutiny Board (4) at their meeting on 8th July 2021 (their minute 04/21 referred) and a briefing note of their recommendation to Cabinet was circulated.


The Local Development Scheme (LDS) was a project plan that set out which Local Plan documents were to be prepared, and the timetable for the preparation and completion of these, so that local communities and interested parties could keep track of progress. It was a legal requirement that a local planning authority was prepared, kept up to date and made publicly available. The LDS would therefore be published on the Council’s website.


The documents covered by the LDS included the Local Plan which set the development strategy and policies for the Coventry City Council area and a number of Supplementary Planning Documents which expanded upon the Local Plan policies.


The Local Plan for Coventry was adopted December 2017. Paragraph 33 of the National Planning Policy Framework and Regulation 10A of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 required that policies in local plans should be reviewed to assess whether they needed updating at least once every five years. Members gave consideration to whether the Local Plan should be reviewed earlier than this date and was determined at Council on 8th December 2020 (their minute 58/21 referred) that the triggers had not been met, and that the review should take place in December 2022. This LDS would therefore run until December 2022 in line with the timescale for review of the policies above.


For clarity, although not a legal requirement, the LDS also included a timetable for a suite of Supplementary Planning Documents which expanded upon Local Plan policy. The topics for these were: Open Space, Affordable Housing, Energy, Tall Buildings, Residential design, and Biodiversity. In addition, the LDS set out information and guidance on Neighbourhood Plans, local plan monitoring and data standards.


RESOLVED that the Cabinet approves:


1)  The recommendation of the Communities and Neighbourhoods Scrutiny Board (4) to note that the Board supports the Local Development Scheme.


2)  Approves the Local Development Scheme attached as Appendix 1 to the report and confirms that it can be brought into effect at the earliest opportunity.